That move from the corporate to the social sector

2013 -A memorable year indeed. Year that I moved from the corporate to the social sector. It wasn’t an abrupt decision. Not at all. But why? Many people asked. The answer was simple. The work that you do should be a powerful motivator. Job is not about earning enough to pay your bills and save for the future. You should be able to find meaning at work. That element was missing.

Planned construction schedule for 4-5 years, Maintained IT applications for 12 years. Those jobs of course did meet my immediate requirements- of making some money, visiting new places and also helped climb-up the ladder of social mobility to say so. But end of the day, it was like driving a car without knowing where your destination is. You are part of a profit making business, you please some, displease many; Life moved on.

Six months into the social sector. Life has changed. Meeting new people, new hopes and new ambitions. New realizations- That I was living in an ‘unreal’ world. Life isn’t as rosy for many in the country. Ignorance was bliss, but not anymore. 


Fruit vendor at Chamundi Hills, Mysore.

Working in social sector is not about volunteering. It is an alternate career path that many in the country do not know it exists. It is definitely not profit making, so not profit sharing. Work involves arriving at a consensus rather than impose decisions. Work is perhaps more complex than the business world, for social issues are indeed complex. But end of the day there is no frustration or cynicism that I used to carry back from work. There are the usual everyday irritants, but then there is hope and satisfaction; that you are part of a team attempting an honest social change. A change that our country badly needs.

The social sector already has committed people, but the scale of the issues are such that many times more the number are needed. -from an article by Anurag Behar: How to make that transition from Corporate to the Social sector.

Happy New Year friends! Be the best in whatever you do.


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3 Responses to That move from the corporate to the social sector

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  2. Himanshu says:

    Very Good article. People who take such moves are specially created by divine power to bring a positive change in society . Though there will be challenges ahead , But Where don’t you find it in today’s life. Our best wishes are with you. May you get great success for your objective.

    “Chaltey Chalo Chaltey Chalo … Aa jaayegi Manjil kabhi khud saamney !
    Hai Lagan toh paa jaaogey sahil kabhi koi saamney ! “

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